Never waste another drop of eye medicine again.

Introducing Magic Touch

The easiest, most effective way to apply eye drops is here. Magic Touch, the eye drop helper, does away with the hit or miss method of tilting your head back and hoping the drops land on your eye and not on your cheek. Infused with silver ions, Magic Touch kills 99.9% of microbes.

Magic Touch eliminates wasting drops and saves you money.

  • It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

Invented by ophthalmologist Dr. Julius Shulman

Real Reviews from Real Customers

Easy to use!

My mother in law is alone and had to do her eye drops to prepare for surgery. She tried other methods and the drops didn’t go in and she wasted very expense drops. I brought her Magic Touch and she was shocked that she was able to use it perfectly the first time! No drops wasted! Great product!

Sara 12/23/21

Best ever help for eye drops!

I am a senior and have MD so I have lost a lot of strength in my hands, not to mention most of the drops fell on my cheeks. This Magic Touch Eye drop applicator is a godsend. I cannot not do without it and I have recommended to friends and family and they agree with me. If you have trouble with drops, this is a necessity. I give it 5 stars! 👍

Donna 11/9/21

Eye Drops in Eye, Rather Than My Face

I couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to get drops in. However, when I used the magic touch eye dropper it worked the first time and every time thereafter.

Darryl 12/31/21

Great little tool!

I can’t seem to put eye drops in my own eyes, and with cataract surgery, I had to put numerous drops in the day before, day of and for days afterward. This made it so easy for me to get them in and without wasting any or them running all down my face! VERY satisfied!

Eileen 03/31/22